I know everyone is wondering how we celebrated being the proud owners of this little castle; what did we do first?!  Well, considering there was no heat, it had just snowed, and we had a contractor lined up to do most of the heavy lifting, we did what any happy homeowner would do, we began digging our house out from under years of ivy vines, leaves, and general rubbish.

We were actually VERY excited to begin uncovering the house from all the ivy.  It was the one thing we had wanted to do since seeing the house for the first time.  We also wanted there to be some clear signs that change was coming to this long abandoned home.  Here are some action shots from Day 1.

Starting from the front door and working our way to the sunroom. This first pile was the ivy from only the stairs and inside corner where the stone meets the brick!

Uncovering the sunroom! We had no idea the stone foundation and brick columns were under there. This used to be a side-porch to the original home.

Actually SEEING the entire house was very exciting! Three large piles of ivy vines became about 8 contractor sized black bags which our wonderful new trash men took away!

Naomi was there helping, I promise!  She was just as excited (if not more excited than I was) and the one who got to document the progress, of course!  We still need to get a ladder out there to pull the remaining ivy at the roof line that we couldn’t reach.

As a break from pulling ivy off the front of the house, we decided to do a little leaf raking in the backyard.  We thought we’d start with the brick patio which looked like this:

And we found all this patio under there:

Lots of leaves and about 3 inches of dirt and we uncovered much more space than we thought.  The patio is actually semi-circular with a 2.5′ planting bed which is edged in brick around the perimeter.  We also found this gem:

They call me Ivy King!

…which may be my favorite find ever.  Even better than the sword I found in the dirt basement of our current house.  Who knows where he’ll show up in our final plans, but keep your eye out for him!


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