Demo progress.

So demo work has slowly been progressing on the house the past week or so, we just haven’t had a chance to post any of the quick photos we took during our visits with the contractor.  Thought it was about time to show you what our little homestead is looking like.  I took a few of these last Sunday during a quick visit when I brought Riese to test out the new yard!  I should have taken a picture of her joyfully galloping around but I was too caught up in running around with her and showing her all the new spaces to explore and didn’t think to break out the camera.  Seeing her run around definitely confirmed that this will be a good move for us, she was THRILLED and it was great seeing her exploring.

Ok, back to the house…

Remember this wall between the kitchen and the dining room?




How much of an improvement is that!?  And yes, those duct lines directly in the middle of the wall, yup, those were a nice surprise.  While they were taking out the wall, the contractor also decided that it would just be easier to take out the back kitchen wall which had been terribly laminated with 1/4″ drywall, in order to run all the new electric and plumbing lines there.


Rather than patch new drywall into 1/2 of the living room ceiling, the contractor also decided it was easier to just remove the section that was left and re-drywall the entire thing after all the new recessed lights and wiring are put in.  This will give you a good idea of what the house was looking like:


Yes, that is the only wall which is remaining intact on the first floor.  You can also get an idea of how the first floor will flow from one room to the next once those duct lines are removed.  We wanted the house to feel open yet retain the distinction of different rooms within the house.  We’re pretty pleased with how it’s shaping up!

The rest of the house has been scraped in preparation for plaster patching and looking like this:

Sorry for the iPhone photo




And it’s not a real project until your living room is full of trash bags:


So that brings you up to just a few days ago.  I was at the house today for a meeting with the contractor and foreman to walk though the electrical and mechanical questions.  With all the recessed lights in and 90% of the walls primed (bye-bye nasty pink room!) you can really start to imagine the house put back together.  We’ll be sure to take some photos to share this weekend when we are back at the house to check in.


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