As promised, here are some updated photos of what’s been going on at the house.  Walk in and select a switch:


To control one of these little beauts:

Living room ceiling

The kitchen is getting some love too:

Kitchen Ceiling. Overkill? Perhaps, but no one likes a dark kitchen!

Of course the big move is happening in the basement.  We are upgrading the house to 200 Amps and a large new panel comes with that:

New Service Panel.

All of the existing outlets throughout the house are also getting the upgrade to 3 prong grounded and some of the fixture boxes are being replaced with new standard ones.  We are still working out the duct and furnace issues but are hoping to wrap that up shortly so that the work can be done and the house can FINALLY have heat!

Aside from the electrical, the crew has been hard at work scraping and re-plastering the upstairs.  Not having heat has caused delays in the dry-time of the plaster, but the work is still moving forward.  They primed the entire upstairs after scraping all the surfaces to help seal in what was left on the walls and also provide some extra bonding of the new plaster to the existing walls.

Master Bedroom.

Bedroom 1 (Gabriella’s future room).  Here you’ll notice the absence of the PINK!  Feels so much better and bigger already.

Bedroom #2. The ceiling in here was really in bad shape but it’s looking great already.

You may not be able to see it, but it is amazing how the plastering is really making the walls and ceilings of this 90+ year old house feel clean and new.  And because the full bath is only getting cosmetic updates after the ‘heavy lifting’ is done, it looks like this:

While the water’s off, the tub makes the perfect storage spot. Let’s hope they didn’t chip anything while loading it up!



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2 responses to “Wired.

  1. Joanne

    So exciting! When is your anticipated/best-case-scenario move-in date?

    • Anthony

      Hey Jo! They are hoping to wrap up the work by the end of March (crazy, I know) but we will still have a lot of painting and finish details to do before officially moving in.

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