With so many options out there, shopping for appliances was very overwhelming.  You could literally research makes, models, and reviews for days and still not know exactly what you want, or at least we didn’t.  And if that weren’t enough, figuring out where to actually purchase them was another headache. We decided that President’s Day weekend was when we’d venture out and make our purchases.  It was an added bonus that in MD that weekend, there was no sales tax on energy star refrigerators and washers.  Random?  Yes.  Happy to save money?  Absolutely!  We priced out some options at the typical blue big box store, but didn’t really see that many options, so we actually took a chance and headed to Hhgregg instead.  Neither one of us had ever been to Hhgregg but we had heard good reviews of the shopping experience that others have had there.  After a little reading, we found that their employees work on commission.  At first, I was turned off by that, disliking when salesmen pester you the minute you walk in.  But after some more reading, found that the employees are constantly being educated about the products that they are selling.  Because we had so many questions and weren’t exactly sure what brand of anything we wanted, we headed out after G’s nap with a full bag of food, snacks and sippy cups.

So how long does it take to select and purchase a refrigerator, range, dishwasher, washer, and dryer…with a toddler?  4.5 hours.  Yes, more than 4 hours of questions, answers, rocking, swaying, and opening and closing appliance doors saying ‘wwhhoooooaaaa’.  It was quite a bit longer than we had anticipated, but G really was a trooper and in the end, we are very excited about what’s being delivered to the new house in April.  Ready for the goods?

Samsung french door refrigerator

Whirlpool Convection Oven (with Aqualift cleaning technology- VERY excited about this!)

Frigidaire dishwasher

Samsung 4.2 cu ft. washer and 7.2 cu ft. dryer

The staff was very helpful in showing us the differences between all the products and was respectful of the price range we were working with.  We went back and forth wondering if we should have all the same brand of appliances in the kitchen but what we found was that we always felt like one of the set was exactly what we wanted and that we were just settling for the others.  In the end, we decided to choose the appliances that we really wanted, regardless of the brand name.  They are all match since they’re stainless steel, so we’re happy (we currently live with 2 out of 3 appliances being stainless steel and one pure black, so we decided to upgrade to have a matching family this time!). We also talked quite a bit about a front loading washing machine.  After considering the issues of odor, mold, and build-up, frankly it seemed like more of a chore than worth it.  The price point for a similarly sized capacity unit was also more than we really wanted to spend, so we stayed with a top loader.  It’s larger than our current and has more specialized settings.  The glass door options were also on sale that day so we went with those! In the end we stayed under budget and can’t wait to start using these bad boys.



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2 responses to “Appliances.

  1. Woo hoo! I LOVE my Samsung fridge…I’m sure you will be happy about that purchase! How come no water/ice dispenser, though? I wish we were in the market for new laundry, but I shouldn’t complain, as the ones that came with the house are just fine. But, does your new washing machine not have the thing in the middle? I’ve seen some of the newer top-loaders & noticed the agitation pole (?!) is gone in many. I really only notice it’s there when washing sheets, as I think it twists them around a lot more than if there were nothing in there! Anyway, I digress…excited for your new purchases…who ever thought appliances would be so exciting?!

  2. Naomi

    We can’t wait to get all of our new little shiny toys! 🙂 Funny you ask – the lack of an ice dispenser on the door was totally on purpose. We felt it takes up too much room on the inside of the door and that the ice maker that comes inside the freezer will work just fine for us. Our current fridge is the same way. We still like to use our Brita pitcher…don’t know why, call us crazy. 😛 And yes, that’s correct, no agitator in the middle of our washer. The washer/dryer we bought not-too-long-ago at our current house also doesn’t have a middle agitator – it’s great! Definitely helps keep sheets / comforters from twisting up!

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