Month 13!

So rather than be on time with G’s Month 13 post, we wanted to stay consistent and bring it to you as we’re heading into Month 14. Cool? Good, great, here we go!

Since it’s the start of a new year for Gabby and we’re still trying to wrap our heads around the fact that we’re parents to a toddler, we haven’t yet mastered the art of taking her monthly photo. The first 52 weeks were easy (relatively speaking) since we had a setup, a routine and a stationary subject. This time on the other hand, I hope you’re not expecting 1 perfect shot. Instead, we were lucky to get 4 cute quick clicks (say that 10x fast!) before she toppled over, grabbed the fabric off the wall and turned away from the camera.

This is my new favorite thing to watch… downward dog? handstand prep? positioning herself to walk!

And as for Miss G-Strausy’s recent accomplishments…

  • she not only walks EVERYWHERE on her own, but sometimes runs, toddles, throws herself on you and giggles all while moving on 2 tiny feet.
  • “bubba-bah” (bubble bath!), “goh? [turns hands to face up toward sky and looks for birds…]” (where’d they go?)
  • drinks out of a sippy cup with a straw – “cuck!” (cup) and uses a fork to eat her dinner (with determination!).
  • no more twice-a-day naps…we’re lucky if she takes one.
  • at school she loves to read books – her teachers have told us, sometimes she wanders up to the bookshelf at the front of the room all by herself while everyone else is playing, and grabs a book, hands it to her teacher and says “booh! booh!”. it melts my heart that she loves books – we still read together every morning before work/school. books are her toy of choice while in the car and on the changing table. we’re gonna need to go to the library soon to keep up with our little bookworm, especially since she already has her own library card!


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