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pack it up, pack it in…

It’s hard to imagine moving into a house that has no walls, wouldn’t you agree?  When we bought this place, some of the plaster was removed in areas that had been most damaged by water.  When the renovations got underway, our new plans called for the elimination of one wall and the addition of some partial walls.  The electrician then found it easier to take down the existing first floor ceilings and most of the kitchen walls.  All of these left the house looking more like a major construction site than a home.


But what a difference 3 days makes!  The guys have been working hard to get all the drywall up, taped, and mudded in preparation for the floors to be repaired and refinished at the end of next week.  Some befores and afters for your viewing enjoyment (pardon the iPhone pictures!):

Here’s where we started in the kitchen.

View into dining room.

View from living room through dining room into kitchen.

View from Kitchen into Dining room towards backyard.

View from dining room into kitchen. (the blue tape outlines the island)

From dining room into kitchen looking towards the foyer.

Foyer finally has walls!

Here’s a quick view of the living room with new 1/2 bath too:

Looking into the living room.  We decided to keep the original arches into both the living room and the dining room.

Looking back towards the foyer with the new 1/2 bath in the corner on the right.

Not the best shot, but it does give you an idea of how the living room, dining room, and kitchen start to open up to each other.

What do you think? You may not share in our excitement from these quick iPhone snapshots, but we are thrilled to see walls.  The crew was there taping an mudding all the seams all day today and it’s looking even better in person.

Since the plaster work upstairs is essentially complete and every single inch of this house needs to be painted, we figured it was never too early to start.  Only the floors in the master bedroom, hallway, and stair landing are being refinished upstairs, so we are trying to get those areas painted prior to the refinishing so that we won’t have to be as careful with drop-cloths and such when the floors are compete.  Pictures of the completed master bedroom to come.  Until then, we wanted to make sure you knew who is still watching over the house…

Always such a happy smile on his face!



April 7, 2013 · 1:38 am