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Hit the floors running

The subject matter of this post is pretty obvious.  It involves a whole lot of this:

Drum Sander

and this:


and us not doing ANY of it!  You may remember us telling you that there was a little, um, FLOOD that had taken over the house before we purchased it.  When we first saw it, we knew the floors would need some work.  Our plan was to have them refinished with a simple coat of poly to keep their charm.  Well, the flooring subcontractor came in and did some poking around and found that some of the water stains were too dark (black) and deep to sand out.  The best solution would be to stain all the floors to mask the few dark spots in the living room and master bedroom.  We decided to go with the color ‘Jacobean’ because it offered a more uniform color with less visible wood grain.  It’s quite different from our original vision for the house, a bit more contemporary with the darker floors, but honestly, probably closer to what we really wanted in our home.  There was a slight up-charge for the staining because we hadn’t factored it into the original budget, but well worth it in the end.

Here are some process shots but first, one before photo for reference!

Here’s what they looked like the first day we saw the house. Trust me, they were in worse shape than they look here!  Stained with years of wear and tear.

Foyer- these stairs were one of the lings we loved about this house and seeing them cleaned up makes us love them even more!

Living Room. You can see all the dark stains that we have to work around really well in this shot.  Not bad considering what these floors had been through over the years.

Kitchen looking into the dining room. We had to patch some spots in the kitchen but they are all located under cabinets, so they won’t be visible. They also inlaid a new oak transition between the kitchen (pine) and dining room (oak) where the wall used to be. Once stained, it will look nice and seamless, like the wall was always open here!

It really is incredible how great the original floors have held up with the years of neglect and how awesome they are looking just after the sanding.  The upstairs landing and master bedroom are also being refinished but the crew was up there working when I took these.  I wasn’t allowed back into the house after the staining so here’s a sneak peak of what things look like now!

View from the front door!




April 13, 2013 · 11:25 pm