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square + dot = rug

Whoever came up with this system is kind of a genius…it’s the best of both worlds, if you think about it! Carpet = soft, warm and cozy on your feet and tushie. Tiles = able to be easily replaced, cleaned and moved. 🙂 For a family of 4 including a dog + playful toddler, this is perfection.

We used FLOR in our current house when we renovated our basement and have loved every square inch of it. Our only complaint might be the thickness of it (or lack there of)…so this time, we went with a pile that’s a teensy tiny bit thicker and has more cushion for your tushie (wonder how many times I can use tushie in one post? we’ll find out…!). The corner dots you use to install it have super strong adhesive that’s never shifted or come apart – it’s the most fun I’ve ever had laying a floor down – you get to use circular stickers?! Done and done!

Now that we’ve professed our love for our new FLOR, let’s chat about the patterns available, shall we? If we had 3 other houses to design, I’d want each of these in them.

Love the simple beveled edge to this one. Doesn’t it look like your feet would just happily sink into this?


Here’s a fact you need to know about me: I love bold graphics in just the right amount. We’ll need to work some into the house aesthetic somehow. 🙂

And my favorite option. It reminds me of a design you’d find on personalized letterpress stationary.


Since the sunroom is primarily going to be used as a playroom/den for G, we decided to go with a playful, vibrant and geometric border, with a soft, shaggy center tile.

This is FLOR’s ‘parallel reality’ pattern in burgundy. The stripe pattern varies from tile to tile, so it’ll be fun to lay out!

parallel reality

The ‘rake me over’ tile in oyster will form the center of the room, where tushies plop down… 😛

rake me over

We placed our order and received it within less than a week. Woo hoo! It’s sitting and ready to get ‘dotted’. I just made that installation verb up, but I like it. Stay tuned for after photos of this dingy gem of a before…

that we’re going to transform into this… (you’re looking at a plan view)! The living room is off to the right in the image below. Oh, and please don’t mind the crude and quick photoshopping of our Sketchup model that I did to bring you this graphic.

Hopefully G gets a creative feel from it as she plays and enjoys the warmth under her tushie. 😉


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