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Well, that was easy…

Well, easy because there were four professionals, a 50 foot crane, and a wood chipper that could swallow an entire tree in one, fatal swoop!  Confused?  Let’s recap.  When we first saw our new house, one of the first things we noticed, aside from the great architectural style, was that you could literally not see an entire 1/3 of the house through the vines and the trees.  There was also one extremely large tree that had been taken over by vines which subsequently took over our entire side yard.  Sensing a theme here?  This is what we had:

Here you can see the 3 offenders- 2 redwoods in the front and a HUGE silver maple in the rear (to the left) that loomed over the house and yard!

A better look at the monster in the back yard

We knew these trees would have to be removed at some point.  The redwoods were too close to the foundation and were in shabby condition.  The silver maple was a great established tree size, but we had 2 arborist come out and both said that due to poor pruning over the years and age, the tree was not safe and would need to come down.

We didn’t want to spend the money to take them down right away.  In fact, we even cut the 5 inch ivy vines that were climbing up the tree in an attempt to kill the overgrowth and give us a little more time with the trees as we figured out what we ultimately wanted to do here.  As we get closer to our move in date and with all the work starting to wrap up, we just found it harder and harder to want to live with them, especially since we’d like to start replanting and enjoying out backyard this summer.  The thought that if we installed a new deck and began landscaping the yard and then decided to have the trees removed and they happened to damage all the new work we’d done, just really made the decision for us.  We called back Lansbury Tree and Shrub who has done a lot of work in the neighborhood and had them schedule us in.

So I got a call telling me they were going to be at the house at 8:30am the NEXT morning with their crane to start the work.  I, of course, had to see all this in action as he said they would be lifting the tree over the house with the crane, one piece at a time.  Here’s a look at the events of the day:

The crane showed up right on time, 8:30am, and parked itself right on our…neighbor’s…front lawn! The truck was mainly on our lawn, but the extension legs were definitely at the neighbor’s front door. They were happy the tree was finally being removed, so they were good sports about it.

This is what it looks like when they remove an entire tree at once and dangle it in your front lawn.

…and then they literally fed the entire tree into the wood chipper. It was incredible!

An hour later, the redwoods were gone and it was time to move onto the silver maple in the back. You can start to see its size in this photo. All those branches over the house- that’s him!

The first branch comes down and the process begins! (if you look closely, you’ll see the guy up in the tree rigging it up!)

A few hours later, I came to check on the progress…

Tree limbs in the front yard, CHECK!

Last major limb left!

I showed up just in time to catch the removal of the last limb in the silver maple…ON CAMERA!  I was mesmerized for the entire 4 minutes. Quick note, the chainsaw got stuck around minute one and the crane operator spends some time with the rigger trying to free it, but keep watching, it gets better!  Oh, and disregard my occasional ‘holy cr-p’ as the limb was coming over the house.  When I realized what I was saying, I switched to ‘Holy-Moley’, gotta keep it PG around here!

And now, for your viewing pleasure:


Wasn’t it crazy when they lowered the limb into the front yard and it was the size of an actual TREE!?  These guys were Pros and made it look so easy.  Definitely recommend them!  The only problem is that our house now looks so naked!  Don’t worry, we have big plans for the landscaping.  It may take some time, but we’ll get there!  A quick before and after:



The sunroom is definitely on display now so we’ll need to make it look a little better sooner rather than later!


Back-After (well- with part of the tree hanging from the crane!)

It’s ridiculously open now and removing that tree makes the entire side of the backyard useable- we’re very excited!


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