Creating the heart of the home.

Ok, ok, before I begin, yes, we have been a little slow in progress updates (ok- have not updated anything in weeks!) but we’ve just been overwhelmed with the renovations, packing, moving, and all while working full time and taking care of G.  So, yes, you can put us in a little timeout if you’d like but we’re going to try really hard to get everyone up to speed!

So let’s start with the kitchen!  I think last we left you it looked something like this:

photo 2(2)

The original side door was closed up, the drywall was installed, and the wiring was roughed in.  Delicious, right?  The weeks following this photo were a whirlwind of activity. The drywall was taped, mudded, and sanded…


just in time for the cabinets to be delivered:


Now, a little disclaimer, the floors were actually refinished right before the cabinets were delivered and installed but you already got a sneak peak of those so we’ll continue on with the kitchen update.


The cabinet installers immediately got to work installing them.  We went with Wolf Classic Cabinets with a simple shaker style finished in white.  We debated back and forth on the finish- white or stained wood.  The room is large and with the large double window over the sink, the side window, and the wall taken down between it and the dining room, the room gets a lot of light and is bright so we thought it could handle darker cabinets.  But in the end, we wanted a change from our old home (which has dark cabinets) and something that would be timeless, so white it was.  After seeing the dark stain on the floor, we were even more sure of our decision for the white cabinets because the contrast was so great!


Like the new window? It’s the ‘garbage bag collection’ from cheap windows dot com. Kidding, of course!


Level, measure, and confirm 85 times and in the end, we still had to switch out two cabinets so that the appliances fit properly and the room was balanced.  We also found that they delivered and installed the wrong cabinets for the island during one of our visits to the house to check in.  Not news the contractor wanted to hear since he couldn’t return the cabinets since they had been ‘installed’, but we stuck to our guns because the island was such an important feature for us.  We had specific needs for pot, pan, and drawer storage and the standard cabinets (which you can see above) were not going to do.

The kitchen install was supposed to be 3 days- quick and easy.  Right.  In the end, it was a over a week and after than, we still waiting for a back ordered cabinet.  Delays, delays, delays… all part of the reno game, as we learned!

Progress shot with the wrong island cabinets, but you can get an idea of the layout coming to life!

After the cabinets were installed and the island cabinets placed, we met with the contractor and his crew to finalize the island placement.  In order to make the island a bit more substantial in the room, we designed a very simple 1/2 wall on the far side of the cabinets and on the dining room side, a small set of built-in shelves.  The shelves would be a really convenient spot for all our cookbooks and by bookending the cabinets with ‘walls’ it would really ground the middle of the room.


You can see here where the countertop will overhang to create the breakfast bar area.

The kitchen sat like this for quite some time before the countertop fabricator was able to come out to measure, place the order for the Quartz, and then install it.  Another process which we were told would be, “very quick, not longer than a week.”  Right, 3 weeks later we were finally getting part of our counters installed.  Probably best left for another post on why only some of the counters were being delivered and why we felt like we were taking over as the General Contractor and at the same time being blamed for every delay that had happened.  It was very stressful, especially since at that point, we were just two weeks from moving in.

So, you’re not going to get a complete before and after just yet, we still have a section of quartz missing and need to completely unpack everything, but these should hold you over a little bit :-).



Originally thinking we’d go with granite, but in conversations, we kept coming back to quartz products for their durability and style.  In the end, we went with Caesarstone London Grey.  Full disclosure, Naomi actually had a Caesarstone rep. come to her office to show them their new product line.  She saw a sample of this new product and LOVED it.  I mean, could-not-stop-talking-about-it.  She showed me a tiny 3inch x 3inch sample and gushed over how beautiful it was.  We tried looking up images of it online and showrooms, but there were no real images (or good ones) because the product was new and no showrooms had it installed in their mock-ups.  So, with a leap of faith we ordered it, sight unseen basically, for Anthony.  The day it was being installed, we took a trip up to the house to check it out.  Naomi later revealed how nervous she was for me to see it installed- what if I hated it!

These images do it no justice but this stone is BEAUTIFUL.  It’s a light grey that has the appearance of a slight, tight veined marble.  Really don’t know how else to describe it.  So beautiful and really, we could not be more happy with our choice.

We have lots of recessed lights in the new space.  At first, we thought we went a little overboard, but they are small 4 inch can lights which are a little more discreet and now that they are in, we think it’s actually the perfect amount of light.  The other thing we LOVE are the pendant we chose.  They are the ‘Glass Jar Pendants’ from West Elm:

We went with the grey glass. Two of the elongated cylinders over the island and one of the rounded glass jars over the sink.

A little pricey per light, but they are really on display in the kitchen, so we splurged on them (with a coupon too!).  Don’t mind the regular light bulbs in the kitchen photo above.  We were just desperate to get some light in there before moving in.  We’ve since replaced them with large Edison bulbs!  There are lots of little things we can’t wait to show off about the kitchen and still need to figure out what we’d like to do with the backsplash- all in good time.

We really want to give you a great before and after, so stay tuned for those.  Full kitchen shots to come!


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May 23, 2013 · 2:55 pm

One response to “Creating the heart of the home.

  1. Mags

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for better kitchen photos! Can’t wait to see the end results!! Also, Ben and I were going on and on about how beautiful our refrigerator is when we were with his fam in NY a couple weeks ago, so I can assure you…you made the right choice. (Seriously, anyone listening to our conversation would have thought we were crazy.)

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