Floors and the BEST Saturday ever!

These side by sides shots of the floors (and rooms for that matter) are too great not to share.  Sorry if you don’t find them very interesting!

Entrance Foyer:



Living Room:



Master Bedroom:



We never realized how ORANGE the floors were before.  SO happy that we went with the dark stain.  It really brought out the beauty of the original floors.  We put down carbonized bamboo floors in our previous house and they were great.  But there is something so much more substaintial about the original floors here, something more ‘real’ about them and the quality.  We’re really happy with them and even joke that we should make Riese wear little socks so she doesn’t scratch them up!

Now onto the BEST Saturday ever!  Why, you might ask?  Well because after months of renovation and purchasing items for our new home, we organized the delivery of our major purchases to all happen on the same Saturday.  It was like Christmukkah ALL-DAY-LONG!






Yup, washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove…check, check, check, check, and ch….waiiiit.  That would have been too easy.  We ordered the appliances weeks before delivery and received a phone call the night before that the stove was not in stock.  WTF?  How is that possible considering the original delivery date was 2 weeks prior, didn’t they have it then?  This was very annoying so we got on the phone immediately to try and find the solution.  After bouncing around on the phone, the sales person was able to get one out to us on Tuesday.  Not great, but we had already planned to be working at the house (painting) that day, so it would work out just fine.  Also turned out that when the washer and dryer were being brought in, we needed to remove 1/2 inch of trim from the basement doorway for them to fit down the stairs.  So we arranged for them to come back and do that on Tuesday as well, so that the same crew could deliver the stove and place the washer and dryer in the basement.  No big deal, right?

Up next on Saturday, our new mattress:



Yes- that is 18 inches of heaven right there.  With new, ‘cooling technology that releases the warm air and draws in cool air with the perfect blend of memory foam and pillow top…’ yada yada yada.  All I know is that we went out for date night to a really great restaurant, had some great food and drinks, and then decided it was the perfect time to head to the mattress store.  Admittedly a little buzzed, we laid on the computerized mattress calculator which printed out our mattress type (which could be complete BS for all we know) and off we went with pillows in hand jumping from one bed to the next.  When Naomi laid on this one, the sales person said, ‘her body just lit up.’  Clearly we had to buy it and next thing I know, we’re handing the woman our credit card and scheduling delivery.  It’s very comfy and definitely helps create the ‘hotel suite feel’ we want in our new bedroom.  A big upgrade from the full sized platform bed we’ve had for the past 7+ years.

And then we saved the best for last.  We purchased our new dining table 6 MONTHS ago and it has been sitting in the Pottery Barn warehouse all that time.  Waiting, just WAITING to be brought in and put into place.  And when the truck pulled up, I don’t think I had ever seen Naomi light up with such excitement.


Yes, those are steel tension rods and yes, they are awesome. Oh and yes, these are terrible iPhone photos…someone was too busy ooohing and aahing over it to grab the good camera. 😉


Massive and we love it.

Let me tell you, that table is HEAVY and so glad we waited until the room was ‘done’ before having the team deliver and assemble it.  There’s no way we would have wanted to move it from room to room as work happened around it!  It all started to feel like a ‘real house’ when these deliveries came.  We could finally start imagining living in the house.

The rest of the weekend we were busy painting and painting and painting.  Trying to get as much done before the big move as possible.  Tuesday came around and we were excited to have the stove delivered and the washer and dryer removed from the living room and placed in the basement.  As we learned from the previous delivery, it can happen at any time between 6am and 5pm.  We hadn’t gotten a call the night before to confirm the time block though, so we decided to call them first thing in the morning.  I hear Naomi talking on the phone, “blah, blah, blah, stove delivery, moving washer and dryer…WEDNESDAY!?!”  What!?  Apparently the salesman went into the system on Monday and changed the delivery date from Tuesday to Wednesday, for no reason listed and neglected to tell us about it.  We were pissed to say the least.  We spent the next hour or so finding a solution with the regional delivery manager.  We were offered a floor model from the local store after being offered a Samsung stove of some kind that was NOT the same as the Whirlpool GOLD model we ordered!  Um, no thanks, I paid full price and would like the Whirlpool stove taken out of it’s box in front of me at my house.  We were credited the delivery fee.  Well, yes, I assumed that’s the least that could be done.  And finally after ‘politely’ expressing that this was ridiculous and that we were not taking another day off from work for a delivery that should have happened on SATURDAY, the manager was able to locate 3 in a warehouse somewhere (in Delaware, I think), confirmed that at least one of them was new and in the box, and started making calls to delivery truck teams to try and get one that was not scheduled to work that day, to come in and make this special delivery.  He called us back a little over an hour later and said he had found a team willing to come in and we would be all set.

Really, should it be this annoying to purchase brand new items?!  In the end, everything worked out and we were the happy owners of some fancy kitchen gear, but not without yet another hiccup.  Good thing she’s pretty:

Image from the showroom where we first met 😉



May 24, 2013 · 3:24 pm

2 responses to “Floors and the BEST Saturday ever!

  1. Mags

    1. SO jealous of your floors! I’d die to refinish OUR orange floors to that color!
    2. Those are some seriously beautiful appliances–also rather jealous of your new-with-no-agitator-to-twist-up-sheets-and-towels washing machine!
    3. We need to arrange trips for all of us to see each others’ new houses pronto!!

    • Naomi

      hehehe, thanks! 🙂 the refinishing of our floors might be the most dramatic part of / best decision we ever made with this renovation…we weren’t going to go dark at first, but I’m glad we did!!

      ummm, yes. I definitely don’t hesitate to say our appliances are sexy.

      and YES PLEASE! a both coast trip is totally in order for 2013. 😉

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