Month 15!

Gabriella really started to develop her own personality this month.  Her opinions are getting stronger and, luckily, so is her cuteness!


  • Lots more words are filling the airwaves these days: empty (em-pa-tee), hiding (hieeeng), running (runnee), help (hupp), letters (lehlers), lap (lahp), sit (sitttt), thank you (tuh-tuu), cup (cupppp), hat (hatttt).
  • G likes to say hi and bye-bye (to Riese) every time we leave the house and anyone she sees as we pass by in the car. She’ll also say hi to random strangers while out shopping, walking, strolling…it’s the cutest thing. I love her friendliness! I guess we’ll also have to start to teach her not to talk to strangers at some point. :-/
  • Gabby now looks for and grabs our hand to go walk to another space. I hope she never stops doing it. It’s like “c’mon, mama, let’s go over here and play together, I missed you 5 minutes ago.”
  • Loves blowing bubbles and being outside! Gabs will make it her mission to pick every “flwrrr” she sees.
  • Minke and Pop-Pop came down to visit (and babysit) while we attended our first wedding together since G joined us! There was flute playing, fridge cleaning and a friendly stroll in the park. All had a blast and we can’t wait to do it again!

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