Month 16!

This month we moved!  As we said our good-byes to our little home and hello to our new one, we were worried about how G would adjust.  Lucky for us she is very resilient and seems to be completely comfortable in the new place.  She has wasted no time running around and especially enjoys her new playroom (yes, an update of that room to come).  And, when did she get so grown up!?


  • This was the month we moved…let’s not talk about that part. Ok, well, maybe just a little bit. We went to Port St. for the last time to grab our cleaning supplies, wipe everything down and well, just say our goodbyes. G ran through each room in circles, diagonally, back and forth, screaming, screeching, and going about her business as if we just took a long vacation and just got home. She opened the fridge and said “aocado?” Looked around and said “em-pa-tee!” She pointed to the bathroom door and said “pahhty?” Motioned to let Riese out to “get bizzz” and asked if Anabelle was around…needless to say, I bawled.
  • More food-related words…she seems to love her fruits and veggies again!: mango (namo), tomato (mayto), outside (ousside), leaves (leafff), bless you! (bess youuu)
  • Gabby eats the strawberries from our deck planter like it’s her job. She ate 7 of them in one fell swoop!
  • Gabster has conversations with herself in her own little language…she’ll point to the wall or a piece of furniture and say “abusahbe Gabby matusahbu bitooleyoo” extremely matter-of-factly. She’ll also have conversations with us that go like this:
    “pway? (play) yes? ok!” and before we even begin to understand what she just said, she’s moved on to start to do the actual activity she’s set her mind to. Adorable doesn’t do it justice.
  • She’s also begun to realize what being scared feels like and if she’s unsure of anything (most of the time it’s the new dog next door that barks all. the. time.), she looks at us and says “k? k?” until we reassure her that it is in fact “okay”.
  • Gabriella started her transition to the “caterpillar” classroom which includes morning circle time and breakfast in the toddler room each day. It’s been quite a learning curve for all of us! After only a week she cried a tiny bit and then when A started dropping her off, she’s cried less and less. Week 2 started with some whimpering instead and she didn’t even make a noise this last time I dropped her off! The best part is, she starts her day with Anabelle and Nathan. 🙂

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