well, what do we have here?


Inspection 1-edit

Inspection 2-edit

Inspection 3-edit

Oh, these are just our FINAL INSPECTION sign-offs!  FINALLY, after our ‘6-8 week, tops’ project as promised by our contractor turned into FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS, we are finally complete with all the work they were contracted to perform and our final inspections have passed.  If I heard one more time, ‘I just don’t understand, I’ve never had this happen before with so-and-so subcontractor?!?’ I was about to lose my sh#t!

We’ve spent the last few weeks trying to make the place feel more like home on the inside, and have been trying to make the outside, well, the best version of its current self.  We have big plans for the landscaping in both the front and the back, but need some time to really plan it all out before investing too much.  In an effort to increase our curb appeal, our first step was to try and finally get some grass to grow in the large hole in the front yard where a tree had been removed years before.

Disregard the huge crane on the lawn (don’t you have one of those too?! :P). You can see the large, barren wasteland right in front here with no grass to speak of.

This area had become the neighborhood’s largest dandelion patch and it was time for them to go.  Oh, and these were no ordinary dandelions, no no no, these were those that had thorns and fight back when you try to remove them! After carefully digging out each and every one of them, we threw down some grass seed, covered it with some grass clippings from the rest of the yard and watered.


And waited.  And watered. And waited.  After about a week and a half with no action, I thought I had done something wrong.  Is it even possible to seed grass improperly!?  I was at a loss.  Just as I was about to give up, we saw these little guys!


Ah-ha, success!!  I continued watering the patch every day and about once a week, I would go out there and carefully weed out all those darn thorny dandelions that insisted on coming back.  Just about a month later, the large hole is about 1/2 filled in and the rest still has some tiny seedlings plugging along.


Going on vacation for 5 days without watering didn’t help the little guys and they got a little yellow.  I don’t think they’re dead, just moving a little slowly.  Still, an improvement over where we started.  For now we’ll leave it and see what happens, but in the fall we’ll do a more robust seeding of the entire front yard.  Hopefully that will give us a nice full lawn next spring!  A quick comparison of where we were a few months ago.

What we bought.

Where we are now!

(ps- the fact that these shots almost EXACTLY line up is a complete accident!)

This flower bed is a combo of found plants, new plants and recycled potted magnolia trees from the front of our old house (btw, they seem to love their new spot even more since they’re not baking between brick and asphalt!).

As for the back, we cleaned up the patio and the border planting area that we discovered with some new plants and some transplants from elsewhere in the yard.  We’ve found that the little bunny family living in our bamboo jungle sure likes to eat….everything we plant!  It’s very frustrating, but the littlest bunny is very cute and Gabby enjoys looking for him/her (?) everyday, so for now, they can stay although that bamboo jungle WILL be tamed at some point, perhaps in the fall.


The two tables on the patio were left in our yard before we moved in and since we didn’t own an outdoor dining table, we figured we’d just go ahead and use it.  It needs to be refinished, but it’s a great size and solid wood, so we think it’s a win!  We only owned 2 outdoor dining chairs (that desperately need to be refinished…again) so as we were wandering through Target one day and saw these on clearance (50% off!) we snatched up 6 of them and had an instant patio set.

The rest of the yard just gets the weeds mowed (very little actual grass back there! ha) and we continue to dream big about what it will look like in the future.  You’ll also notice some new fence boards to the right.  We went ahead and installed new pickets over the gaps between the existing ones in an attempt to peacefully co-exist with our neighbor’s dog who doesn’t care for us in the least.  It has helped a bit in cutting down the constant barking at us and has allowed us to actually be in the backyard with Riese, without the two of them attacking one another. So it’s been a good mini-project that only required us to invest approximately $200 and a few hours of manual labor!



Next up, we really need to get some stairs down from our new french doors to be able to really enjoy the yard for the rest of the season.  I’ve got some plans in mind so we’ll see what shakes out!  Oh, and look at this little guy who just popped up in our sideyard.


I swear we didn’t plant it and didn’t throw any zucchini seeds out in the yard.  It just found its way to us! 🙂  I put a low barrier around it when it first popped up to keep the bunnies from eating it and it worked.  Let’s see what it produces for us this year.  Ironically, it’s in the exact spot where we want to put our vegetable garden next year.  Guess a vegetable garden in this location is meant to be!



July 12, 2013 · 2:26 am

3 responses to “well, what do we have here?

  1. Barbara

    Everything looks beautiful! Your hard work has paid off. Congrats!

  2. Joanne

    Congrats on the inspections! Yay! And all the plantings look amazing 🙂

  3. Naomi

    Thank you both! 🙂 Stay tuned – we have big plans for the backyard!!!

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