Month 17!

June marked G’s transition into the Caterpillar Room (toddler classroom) at school…she used to be a Gentle Stork and now all of a sudden, at what feels like warp speed pace, she’s become a Caterpillar?! While there are a lot of new routines to get used to (new teachers, new classmates, new lessons, new foods…), it’s definitely been hardest on Mommy and Daddy. Gabby is a rockstar and makes new friends each day. She also amazes us with all of the new words and social skills she’s learning. As much as I miss the fact that she’s losing so much of her baby qualities, it really is best for her to be in the bigger kid room, you can literally see thoughts forming together as we have conversations with her now!

PS – we’re doing our best to get photos of a non-moving G Strausy…the girl doesn’t stand still!!! In lieu of a super crisp shot, how cute is this fabric? Owls, cupcakes and candies in summer fun colors! Thanks, Wal-Mart! (WHO KNEW!?)


  • Likes to play on our bed each morning before going downstairs. She’ll run out of her room and say “Dad-dddeeee?!” as she climbs up on our bed to get a few morning tickles in. This time of day is hands down my favorite with her. She’s SO sweet, chatty, kissable and giddy.
  • Sings “itsy bitsy spider…” WITH the hand motions! We didn’t teach her that, so it makes us really excited to know that she’s learning things like this at school! šŸ™‚
  • “Swims” on her belly, on the floor…turns out those swimming lessons were a huge success.
  • Paints and gardens with Daddy…she’s a natural. “Payteeng!” If she sees any size paint can, it’s all over. “Payteeng!” needs to happen right then and there or a very unhappy Gabriella will ensue.
  • Crinkles her nose as she spins and dances across the floor.
  • Started brushing her teeth with an electric kids toothbrush and loves it. Not sure why we didn’t buy one months ago for her to try out!

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July 22, 2013 · 3:08 am

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