Month 18!

It’s almost impossible to believe at this time last year we’d only been parents to G for 6 months and had just started giving her solid foods. Now she likes to “dippy, dippy!” everything and anything, as much as possible. Hummus is a favorite condiment.


  • This month included our 2nd trip to Maine with L, B, A and L but it was G’s first ever (cue her monthly photo being shot ON location)! She LOVED the beach…even rocky and with super cold water, she waded right in and we had to drag her out! Playing with the sand made her happy as a clam, er, lobster. Kayaking with Mommy and Daddy was also a huge hit! 🙂
  • Gabs uses a spoon…and actually gets cereal into her mouth with it! Gabby used to eat her own breakfast, while I ate my cereal next to her at the same time. Well, our little adult-in-the-making now only wants to enjoy MY bowl of cereal with me…and her own spoon. Good thing the Honey Bunches of Oats I buy, comes in a big box. 😛
  • The cuddles with Riese in the AM before we leave as if she’s heading out on a cross country trip and isn’t going to see her for a week make hearts melt daily…this happens. every. morning. I can’t get over it. She’ll say “hiiii Riese” in the tiniest voice and lie on her bed to relax before we start our commute. Oh and if Riese isn’t lying down, you can count on Gabriella asserting her alpha-toddler skills and saying “Riese, dowwwwn”. She learns from the way we say it, but I have to giggle whenever I hear it, because she’s so assertive with her; I’m pretty sure Riese is rolling her eyes inside thinking, “is this what my life has come to? I take orders from a girl 1/4 of my size?”
  • Who wants to put her shoes and socks on her feet (“feeee!”) when it’s time to go out? G Strausy. She’s ALL about wearing her shoes…only to then un-velcro them in her car seat and then say “uh-oh”, lol. She also even knows the word “sandals” and will pick them out when she wants to wear her yellow outfits…these Toms glitter shoes are uber popular right now in our house. 🙂
  • Gabby will ask for things by stringing multiple words together. Sentences are literally on the tip of her tongue? “Open it?” “You should clean it up.” (NOT EVEN JOKING. The girl tells us to clean up spills, dirt, dust she sees…) “Good job, Daddy…more art?” (this emerged for the first time, the morning after we hung up a bunch of artwork in her room).
  • “Gabby? Gabby?!” means “please let me sit and watch videos of myself on your iPhone.” Over. and Over. and Over Again. While G is obsessed with iPhone videos of herself as entertainment (they’re the only things she does with the phone…since she only has it while I’m sitting right next to her…) I’m obsessed with NOT letting this become routine and NOT having a child that’s glued to electronic devices, so it only happens for a few minutes usually if we all need a few quiet moments to rest and relax on the couch.
  • Riese has a new hand holding her leash at the other end; Gabs loves helping Daddy take her outside.

I can’t think more than 6 months ahead these days since things have been changing so much every few weeks! Here’s to the next 6 month milestone of becoming 2 years old…!?!??!


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July 22, 2013 · 3:09 am

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