Family Fundays.

Who loves babies, burgers, beer and bare feet? Everyone? Yeah, that’s what I thought. 🙂 So when the S+C families get together, there’s no shortage of any of those things. And if you know me at all, I had to capture every last one of them.

Just the way summer get-togethers should be. Although, now that summer’s over, I’m not gonna lie about how excited I am to pack the bathing suits away and break out the boots and sweaters. G has about 78 cute pairs of corduroy pants (and shoes to go with them) that need to be seen!

It happened so quickly that we didn’t catch who grabbed whose hand, but they both decided it was time for more fruit. I think this photo may have been the best cousin moment I’ve ever seen. Ever, ever, ever.

Baby tushy love.

From smiles to cries, quicker than you can blink. Oh, toddler emotions.

Baby bellies…nom, nom, nom.

This series of “we need a little cousin group photo!” absolutely cracks me up. Connor is totally chill and smiley in every single one of them. Charlotte looks scared and Gabby just looks unsure and skeptical. I don’t blame her; the boy who’s grabbing her earlobe was gently holding her hand before. I’d be confused too. 😛

Yay for polka dot crab pajamas to end the day! This is only the C half of the family fun that took place…the S half is up next/tomorrow! 🙂


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September 10, 2013 · 3:01 am

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