Month 19!

So, we’re definitely a month behind with our G update…but by no means lacking in fun developments! This girl of ours loves to converse and express herself in so many different ways these days: dancing, asking, demanding, testing boundaries, showing love, learning manners; the list goes on and on.

This photo isn’t one of my favorites of all time, but it is adorable in its own way. She’s finally realized what it means to say “cheeeeese” and stare at the camera for 0.00002 seconds. I’ve learned to snap that shutter button NONSTOP to get a shot these days!…can you tell? πŸ™‚ Maybe one day, she’ll enjoy standing still for a monthly photo. That’s all Mommy wants. πŸ˜›

  • Gabby sings and dances to music in the car (Yay for Caspar Babypants CDs to keep us relatively sane as we memorize kid songs!)
  • She says “no!” and knows what it means – the “best” part is when she acts out to see how we’ll react.
  • Gabriella plays and interacts with her doll Maddy (Madeline!) all the time. “Maddy look!” as we’re driving…
  • G will use “here, Mommy”…and loves to give me garbage, stray hairs, food she’s done with.
  • G Straus-y’s recent phrases and 2-3 word sentences:
    “…raining outside?”
    “…hold it…”
    “…try some…” – whenever she sees us eating anything, she wants to try some or have a “bite!”
    “…be quiet…” – said mainly to any dog that may bark. She’s completely spoiled thanks to our non-barking dog.
    “…come’ere (come here) Riese…move Riese…sit Riese…”
    “…nooooo daddy. mommy sing…”
    “…mommy coming soon?”
    “…wash hands…” – this girl loves to wash her hands. I think she’s learning too much from her mama when it comes to disliking being dirty.
    “…you/I should clean it…”
    “…pick it up…”
    “…brush your teeth…” – from the girl who hated brushing her teeth, now it’s a favorite activity!
    “…read book…” – god forbid we go to sleep without reading a book. I love her love of books…or maybe it’s just a smart bedtime stall tactic. πŸ˜‰

This phase is by far my most favorite and engaging…and I’ve heard it just keeps getting better. πŸ™‚


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September 15, 2013 · 7:45 pm

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