How to Eat a Peach.

So, I need to apologize that we’re only getting to post these photos now. Peach season is long gone, I know. However, they were too cute not to share and you never know when you may find yourself traveling to peach country and in need of this knowledge… 😛

It’s really a very simple process.

Disclaimer: pleeeease ignore the clutter in the background of these images! We don’t live that way normally. It had only been a few months of living in the house at this point and I chose to not think about the chaos, rather than miss out on these sweet G moments.

Step 1: Roll it around so you have a sense of the actual size of the fruit. This is best done on a tray with edges that keep any peach mess contained.

Step 2: Show amazement, wonder and disbelief that your mama let you eat an entire whole peach at once…all in one little face.

Step 3: SMOOOOOSH peach against your mouth.

Step 4: Bite into peach and don’t stop until the pit is visible. The more peach juice you get up your nose, the better. 😉

Step 5: Scrunch your nose up…breathe in that sweet, fresh, juiciness…

Step 6: …make your face into the biggest and best smile EVER. 🙂

And then my heart exploded. This girl likes to save moments and faces like these for when I randomly happen to be lucky enough to have my camera close-by…and then I feel like I just won the lottery by capturing them forever. 🙂



November 10, 2013 · 3:37 am

2 responses to “How to Eat a Peach.

  1. Minke

    Who needs school pictures? What a gorgeous girl! Minke needs to hug G. NOW!!!!!!!! Thanks N for great pics.

    • Naomi

      Hehe, thanks! I was so excited for this photo…and then we took more this weekend while raking the leaves and they’re just as cute! Just wait! 🙂

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