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5 years of wedded bliss.

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary back in September. A little over 5 months ago. Go figure…Anthony always said 5 was his lucky number, so it’s perfect. Or a totally cheesy excuse as to why I’m only getting to these now. You decide. 😛

One of the things we love to do when on vacation is stay at a B&B…we hunt and hunt for one with charm, character, modern amenities, and walkability to local shops/restaurants/sights. So far we’re 4 for 4. 🙂 This time, our criteria also included being within a 2-3 hour drive from Baltimore since Aunt Raq was watching G for us (MAJOR AWESOMENESS!). After days of searching, we landed on Gettysburg. I’d never been but Anthony worked on a project there (at Gettysburg College) years ago. We were both excited to learn more about the history of the battlegrounds, but even more so to just get 48 uninterrupted hours together to eat, drink and be merry…and not be at the mercy of a nap schedule. 😉

The Brickhouse Inn was nothing short of spectacular in every way. Highly recommend it!!!

The minute we arrived, we were greeted with freshly baked chocolate cake and iced tea…and the ability to chill our champagne. Yessssss. We chose the Carriage House for our home away from home. It was a privately-entered-off-of-the-garden, loft-like sort of space that was the perfect size.

Here’s the lush and tranquil garden and patio space between the 2 old homes that made up the Inn. The Carraige House was to the right of this photo. We were lucky enough to be able to have breakfast out here both mornings! The weather cooperated, which is unheard of in our marriage. The weather cooperating for any big event? Crazy talk. We pinched ourselves multiple times. The grounds, the hospitality, the peacefulness, the fresh baked goods each afternoon and the fact that we could walk from our B&B right into town…we couldn’t have asked for a better getaway!

The green and yellow building below is the old, original RR station for the city of Gettysburg. Why can’t all RR stations be like this one and look like something out of a magazine?

We decided to take a horseback ride tour (provided by Artillery Ridge Campgrounds) through the battlegrounds to learn as much as we could about the Civil War. Best decision ever. Having a furry four-legged friend accompany us as we heard some of the serene timeline of events, kept everything in perspective.

This was the view as far as the eye could see. It was surreal to think of it as a place so many people lost their lives.

The trip was absolutely perfect and so needed for this weary mommy + daddy. 😉

Here’s to another 55 years, A! 🙂


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