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Last major kitchen project – started!

It was about time for us to start the last project left in the kitchen – the tile backsplash!  We’ve had the boxes of tile stacked in the corner of our dining room for, oh, I don’t know 4 months or so.  Just sittin’ there.  Waiting.  Collecting dust.  Just longing to be on display behind the range.

With all the holidays, G’s birthday, and scheduled visitors out of the way, we figured it was time to start that project which would undoubtably make our kitchen a dissaster.  We were realistic about the mess because it was not like we had a week off in order to complete the project – we knew it would be a done a few hours at a time after G was asleep/on the weekends/when we had a few minutes here and there.  By accepting the mess and being able to leave all the tools/supplies out on the counter, it would be easy to pick up and work on a section and then put it down to be continued later.  Ideal? No. But do-able with work and a toddler? Yes.

We also knew this project would take a little extra time because unlike 99% of people who take on a tile job and purchase that tile already assembled on one foot by one foot sheets where each tile is already perfectly spaced and the project moves 1 square foot at a time; we decided to mix two colors of the ornate tile we purchased and had to remove each tile from the pre-spaced backer and place each individual tile one by one on the wall!  Oh, and the two colors of tile are not the exact same size making it a spectacular effort to keep them well spaced, level, and plum! Handmade tiles, we love you, but you’re a real B—- to install!

Here’s a sneak peak from when the first few rows went up (you’ll have to wait for the rest!):

tile 2

Optimistic we can get all the tiles up by the end of the weekend (maybe even grouted??) and then share with you all.

Happy Friday!



February 21, 2014 · 10:34 am