I’ll be thankful for snow come July.

It’s March 4 and there’s fresh snow outside, coupled with bitter cold temps. I read this morning that BWI set a record low for this day in history: 4 degrees. What gives, Mother Nature?!

I know…since we still haven’t lived here a full year yet, you’re just giving us lots of snow days to enjoy at home in our “new” house (or testing our patience and creativity with multiple days off of work and at home with a toddler. I know our little ‘marshmallow’ is adorable, but…some of us are teetering on negative vacay time)! Well, just FYI, our chimney needs lots of work before it can crackle and keep us warmly curled up alongside of it, so we’d appreciate it if you’d save some of the snow and frozen weather for next year too, ok? Spread the love a little.

At this point in the year, my recipe ideas tend to focus on corned beef, irish soda bread and hamantaschen. But, this year I still seem to be stuck on comfort meals that come steaming out of the crockpot, mainly because it’s been so cold out. All I want to do is sit on the couch with delicious aromas wafting out of a machine that’s doing all the work for me! So, since my brain is still in cold weather mode and comfort foods (and oh yeah, I may have never gotten to sharing this with y’all right after the actual holiday happened. oops!)…how about we revisit a wonderful Cataldo holiday that combines chilly temperatures and completely fills your belly up with cozy goodness. It’s called Thanksgiving. And yes, it’s a holiday that everyone celebrates, not just our family as I referred to above, but when I met Anthony, I learned that Thanksgiving is THE most important holiday in his family. 🙂

Hold on, I just realized I have 30 photos of the big ol’ feast to share. They’re not all gonna get uploaded tonight so let’s break this post into 2, shall we? Consider it my way of spreading the love. Mother Nature, take note.

Part 2 coming to you before it gets warm outside…I promise. At this point, what’s another day, right? 😉



March 4, 2014 · 11:14 pm

2 responses to “I’ll be thankful for snow come July.

  1. Minke

    Gorgeous pics, gorgeous people, gorgeous food!! Love it all! xxoo Minke

  2. A + N

    Thanks, Mom! 🙂 I just posted all things Thanksgivukkah on the blog – enjoy!

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