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Along with Ivy, Bamboo was another ‘wonderful’ addition to our backyard landscape.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually really LIKE bamboo and think that it’s structure, height, and leaves are very pleasant and add a nice structure to landscapes… in pots or VERY well crafted planters.  Using bamboo to create planted ‘walls’ and a place is great.  When you create such a place in the middle of the open lawn with NO boundaries to contain the bamboo, then you get a big ‘ole mess of nasty that takes over the yard.  This was the secret garden in our yard:

photo 2-2

Lovely, Huh?  I cut back about 1/2 of the bamboo in the fall to get a better idea of what was really in there and this was what it looked like this spring.  Originally nestled between 2 large trees, I imagine at one time created a very pleasant oasis.  In fact, we uncovered a lot of stones that created a little patio within the bamboo jungle.  It was the intention that after all the ivy removal, I would take on the bamboo removal.  Everyone balked that I would say that.  Neighbors responded with ‘good luck’ or ‘yeah, we tried too’ and even ‘no way in hell will you get that all out’.  But I was determined.  After day three of ivy removal, I was exhausted but very pleased with all the progress!  I grabbed my trusty pick-axe and shovel and walked across the yard to the jungle.  With the new fence installation about to be scheduled, I was on over-drive to clear out as much as possible before it’s arrival.  I found a little batch of young bamboo shoots furthest from the main jungle and thought I’d start there and work inward.  One, two, three thrusts of the pick-axe and… nothing moved.  Not an inch.  What the hell was I thinking?  I’m exhausted!  I threw the pick-axe onto the ground and walked away.  It was decided.  Everyone was right, ha, there was no way I was tackling this myself.  The next day, I called a landscape crew; they came that night for an estimate.  It was half the price of a previous estimate, so they got the job.  Three days later this happened:

photo 3-2

photo 2-3


photo 1-3

Daycare was closed that day and Naomi was selected as a jury and sitting in a trial, so Gabriella was home with me when the ‘truck’ showed up.  She loved EVERY MINUTE of it and could not stop watching.  It couldn’t have been any cuter.  In the end, this is what we were left with:

photo 3-3

A 95% bamboo free side yard that had been seeded and strawed.  And look how HUGE it is.  We truly had no idea how much space was over there and it completely opened up the yard.  We just spotted little grass seedlings popping up today so it’s well on it’s way to becoming a previously-useless-but-now-full-of-grass-and-open-air section of our yard.

Ivy removal- check

Bamboo removal – check!

Up next, NEW FENCE!  The crew was here last Friday to remove the old fence and build the new one.  It’s unbelievable what the yard is looking like now!




May 16, 2014 · 2:27 pm