Something closer to real life.

The quick image we posted last time was too terrible to keep up for long (I blame the lack of time to get something up and the screaming kids that were running around when N was putting it together!).  Although very much still a draft, here’s an image that shows something more along the lines of where we’re hoping to be in the end.

perspective copy

Part of the complication/draft nature of the image is that our house is very much a collection of parts.  Each component of our house reads separate from the next in the elevations and none of them align with one another!  We’ve been designing the addition in 3D to try and understand how all the pieces will fit together but we’ll really need to be here, on site with the contractor and his framing crew the day they are building it to get the roof lines and proportion correct.  This image is going to be our guide but we’re sure there will be some modifications during the build.  Soon to come- the proposed floor plan!


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May 18, 2016 · 8:34 pm

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