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How to Eat a Peach.

So, I need to apologize that we’re only getting to post these photos now. Peach season is long gone, I know. However, they were too cute not to share and you never know when you may find yourself traveling to peach country and in need of this knowledge… 😛

It’s really a very simple process.

Disclaimer: pleeeease ignore the clutter in the background of these images! We don’t live that way normally. It had only been a few months of living in the house at this point and I chose to not think about the chaos, rather than miss out on these sweet G moments.

Step 1: Roll it around so you have a sense of the actual size of the fruit. This is best done on a tray with edges that keep any peach mess contained.

Step 2: Show amazement, wonder and disbelief that your mama let you eat an entire whole peach at once…all in one little face.

Step 3: SMOOOOOSH peach against your mouth.

Step 4: Bite into peach and don’t stop until the pit is visible. The more peach juice you get up your nose, the better. 😉

Step 5: Scrunch your nose up…breathe in that sweet, fresh, juiciness…

Step 6: …make your face into the biggest and best smile EVER. 🙂

And then my heart exploded. This girl likes to save moments and faces like these for when I randomly happen to be lucky enough to have my camera close-by…and then I feel like I just won the lottery by capturing them forever. 🙂



November 10, 2013 · 3:37 am

When ‘onesies’ became a thing of the past…

…yours truly needed to document it. It’s a strange thing, being a parent . You see, it makes you want to bottle up every single solitary milestone and remember it forever. When I realized that by potty training G, it meant not being able to put her in onesie outfits again, I had to capture it. (So, in all fairness…some of you may not be interested in this post at all. And that’s fine, I’m giving you fair warning; it involves ruffle butts and a pink dress.)

Not only were there some 18 mo. outfits I was really going to miss that she barely even got to wear, but it meant a difference in our routine and no more changing table changes. Not to mention the end of an era of our cloth diapering adventures…we had it down to a science! Thoughts like this swarmed my head: Gabby would get dressed by standing up and putting her feet in her pants with minimal help? Really?? What if she pees all over the place…it’s gonna get in/on her carpet and be a huge pain to clean compared to just throwing the changing pad in the wash like we did up until this point. And lots of other random concerns, but I’ll just jump to the photos because let me just tell you, this girl was ready. Ready to wear pants with underwear like it was nobody’s business (well, I guess it’s still not anyone’s business, lol…). Ready to hold onto me while slowly putting one foot into her pants, and balancing like a champ.

Major thanks to A for capturing this moment of the two of us. I love it for many reasons, not to mention the fact that I’m always behind the camera instead of in the photos! 🙂

Oh, and the photo above with the winter coat and summer dress was courtesy of the wardrobe change that needed to happen in her room. Every 4-6 months we go through Gabriella’s clothes, pack away what she’s outgrown and unpack the new goods. Now that she’s old enough to notice the pile of clothes in the middle of her room being sorted through, the process takes a bit longer as dress-up seems to always ensue. 😉

And to this day (we’ve been diaper-free for just over 2 months now), she’s never peed while standing up and changing. Maybe she’s trying to tell her Mom to relax a little. 😉


November 3, 2013 · 4:28 am

Family Fundays (part two!)

When it’s time for a BBQ at Minke and PopPop’s house, the planning happens for weeks leading up to the day, new recipes are tried, endless amounts of food are prepared for an army and the pool is cleaned and ready to go. It’s pretty much the best way to spend a quick summer weekend trip to LI. And because of the copious amounts of mouth-watering food, there are minimal photos… because yes, I was stuffing my face most of the time! Apparently for G, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 😉

See cherry tomatoes.

Smell cherry tomatoes.

Gobble up cherry tomatoes right off the vine.

So after she used her sense of taste, we moved right onto smelling the flowers…

I can’t make this stuff up. 🙂

We got close to eating those too, but then we showed her all the food Minke and PopPop had ready for us. Grandma brought her famous cheese, meat and cracker appetizer platter and it was as tasty as ever. This was the response we got when she caught sight of all the edible goodies…

Since we hadn’t taken a recent family photo in awhile, we attempted one here. Trust me when I say there were about 18 other outtake photos from it and these 2 are the best. I don’t know how it’s going to be physically possible to take our holiday card this year and have everyone smile while looking at the camera, let alone stand still!

Oh yeah and thanks to Riese for the photobomb in this “2/3 of us look good in it…!” one.

I’m not sure G liked her time in the pool. What do you think?

As with every Susman event, the desserts were as delicious and plentiful as the main meal. We have an expert baker in our family, just in case you didn’t already know. Raq is a teacher by day, but incredibly talented baker by night/weekend/early morning…she may or may not have baked 500 cookies to contribute to this BBQ (no joke. they weren’t all for us though…phew, we’d still be there eating them right now if they were! my mom had an orchestra concert party to bring them to the next day in case you were wondering).

And then we ended the night with a little stint at the firepit. It got smokier before it got fire-y-er, but it set the tone for a great night of conversation after a super filling BBQ. 🙂

Thanks for everything, Minke + PopPop! G still loves eating her tomatoes…although we try to wash them first now. 😉

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September 23, 2013 · 2:39 am

Family Fundays.

Who loves babies, burgers, beer and bare feet? Everyone? Yeah, that’s what I thought. 🙂 So when the S+C families get together, there’s no shortage of any of those things. And if you know me at all, I had to capture every last one of them.

Just the way summer get-togethers should be. Although, now that summer’s over, I’m not gonna lie about how excited I am to pack the bathing suits away and break out the boots and sweaters. G has about 78 cute pairs of corduroy pants (and shoes to go with them) that need to be seen!

It happened so quickly that we didn’t catch who grabbed whose hand, but they both decided it was time for more fruit. I think this photo may have been the best cousin moment I’ve ever seen. Ever, ever, ever.

Baby tushy love.

From smiles to cries, quicker than you can blink. Oh, toddler emotions.

Baby bellies…nom, nom, nom.

This series of “we need a little cousin group photo!” absolutely cracks me up. Connor is totally chill and smiley in every single one of them. Charlotte looks scared and Gabby just looks unsure and skeptical. I don’t blame her; the boy who’s grabbing her earlobe was gently holding her hand before. I’d be confused too. 😛

Yay for polka dot crab pajamas to end the day! This is only the C half of the family fun that took place…the S half is up next/tomorrow! 🙂

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September 10, 2013 · 3:01 am