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Flor -ed at team ibby!

New post up for your viewing pleasure!


photo 2(8)

We also missed the posting of our New House new room…for the kiddo post.  Enjoy!



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March 13, 2014 · 9:16 pm

Fun and exciting news!

We’re excited to share that we’ve taken on a new little gig that will help us connect with more people and, hopefully, connect some of our ideas and inspiration with others.  We’ve joined team ibby as contributing guest blog writers!  What is Ibby, you say?


Well, it’s pretty awesome- is the answer.  A new company, yes, but once you see what they are about you’ll say, ‘of course this makes sense and is awesome!’  At least that’s what we said when we got connected.  Just the DIY and designers in us?  Perhaps.  But a very cool concept to think about having the ability to think about and design your own space without the pressure and intimidation of cold calling a random contractor to begin talking about ideas you have for a new bathroom, mudroom (and soon, other projects).

Confused?  Let me break it down.  Yours truly will be writing support blog posts for Ibby’s blog where we’ll get to talk about all sorts of topics ranging from DIY to products we enjoy and everything in between.  Hopefully our posts will help excite people to take on their own projects.  We’re compensated for our post but in no way will our views or opinions be compromised.  And don’t worry, we’ll link you over to those posts right here when they’re up so that you won’t miss a thing!

We were really excited when Ibby reached out to us and are hoping we can ‘do them proud’. Look forward to even more fun this year!

Wait, what’s that?  Oh, our first post is ready for primetime!  Check us out HERE.  (and 1,000 bonus points to those of  you guessed what we chose to write about first!)

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February 3, 2014 · 2:13 pm